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Thalia Andrews

Principal and

Creative Director

20210831_Qube3 proposal-13.jpg

Kantinan Tangtermpong

Lead Designer

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Senior Designer

20210831_Qube3 proposal-14.jpg

Yadana Myat Soe

CAD Professional

We believe in fostering a culture that commits to excellence, innovation and respect.  


Our dynamic team of people believe commitment and attitude trumps experience, and we look for people who are motivated to succeed as a part of the team. If you have a passion for design, a commitment to excellence and hunger, come by and have a chat. 

 We think differently and challenge everything, including our work and processes. We believe innovation is about understanding and adapting to and shaping the ways people think, perceive and adopt new ideas. 

We are a boutique atelier, and we work to deliver faster, smarter and more cost-efficiently. 

We have worked across various industries, which allows us to understand the different drivers across sectors and what creates a compelling, unique selling point that makes for engagement in a product or service. 

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